Questions & their Answers by Simran Panjabi

Every product at PUREBIT is chemical-free and is tried and tested before being launched. We provide pure products, pure results, and pure solutions.

The brand is a toxin-free one. While most other countries use them, they don’t contain any toxins India has outlawed.

The fact that it was handcrafted with love and attention makes it a more significant brand. Only components our bodies can digest are used in our products, and only products we utilize are sold. After using our skin and hair products once, you won’t use any other brands.

Here’s why: water-based cleaning and skin care solutions without preservatives can become tainted and spread dangerous bacteria and microbes. We employ safe preservative systems for food grades rather than toxic preservatives.

Yes, we are a new brand, but consider us your caretaker rather than a new brand. We are not a major brand looking to save money, cut costs, or increase profits.

Seeing people struggle with skin and hair issues depresses us. We are here to ensure that you believe in our brand, like using it, and have at least one less worry. Once you have used our items, you will undoubtedly tell your family and friends about them.

We do indeed think so. When creating our products, we consider all ages, skin, and hair types while avoiding potentially dangerous substances. Most of the essential ingredients are natural, and we use herbs as well (for powder-based products).
In our package, we give users instructions for the best outcomes. Like any pure natural formulation, our products typically provide observable results in a brief period.
PUREBIT products are manufactured from natural components. We have yet to examine these items for digestibility, though. We suggest you see a doctor immediately if you accidentally ingest any of our products.

Hereditary, hormonal imbalance, stress, autoimmune disease, nutrient deficiency, etc., are just a few of the causes of hair loss that can occur. You can try our Anti-Hairfall Kit that includes Pure Neem Tulsi Hair Oil, Natural Hair Tonic, and Multipurpose Hair Strengthening Pack to give you the best results within a few weeks

We have a proper treatment regimen for pigmentation that must be followed to get the most significant outcomes. To begin, cleanse your skin, toning, moisturizing, and applying a pigmentation gel or cream twice daily. The procedure also includes a glow pack cum scrub that exfoliates not only dull-pigmented skin but also has anti-aging properties for radiant, beautiful skin.
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