I can help you with your skin and hair related concerns with 100% natural ways without harming your skin or hair.

Simran R. Panjabi
Skin and Hair Care Expert
(A certified Aromatherapist, Consultant, and Cosmetologist)

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About Me

It all started with my passion, eagerness, and desire to help countless people suffering from skin and hair problems. Such significant problems reduce their confidence, lower their self-esteem, bring them down to zero, and leave them in a vicious circle of depression in extreme cases. Yes! This might sound like an exaggeration, but I am talking about this from my personal experience.

Around a decade back, I saw a young and aspiring college girl give up on her studies, to give up on her dreams and desires to fly high just because she felt low on her looks and external beauty. These days it's more about outer beauty; inner beauty comes later—a bitter fact of life. I was pretty disheartened hearing this and wanted to help her anyhow. With my knowledge of Aromatherapy and experience working on several combinations of creams and essential oils, I formulated a skincare regime for her. We all know Aromatherapy works wonders, and voila! It helped her immensely. Her skin started healing and improving daily, and my efforts and knowledge finally showed the results.

My Vision

My vision is to be the first choice for every person suffering from skin and hair issues. I want people to believe that PUREBIT is a brand that provides world-class natural products that treat skin and hair issues naturally.

My Mission

I am on a mission to create awareness about the numerous benefits of a daily skincare regime for any skin, to make everyone feel and look beautiful.

Why to consult Simran R Panjabi?

A successful beauty consultant with more than ten years of experience assisting 10,000 clients in rediscovering their radiant skin and luminous hair. Understanding the needs of clients' skin and hair issues enable her to advise them on the right products and routine to help them achieve their desired results.

  • Problem Solver
  • Skin, Hair & Body Expert
  • Aromatherapist
  • 10+Years of Experience
  • She Owns PUREBIT Brand
  • Clients Served 10,000 + across the globe.
  • Customize Solutions
  • Rating on Google - 5 Star/100+ Reviews

I can help you with

Anti Ageing

You tend to lose the collagen and elasticity of your skin as you age, and it's difficult for the skin to produce these protein fibers at the level needed to maintain its youthfulness. Anti-aging treatment helps you maintain the youthfulness of your skin.

Under dark eye circles

Dark circles or baggy eyes, you would never want to have any of these. The reason could be lack of sleep, more time spent on screens, late nights, or anything else, but you should seek treatment at the earliest possible time to avoid getting it aggravated.

Anti-Hair Fall Treatment

People suffering from hair loss may suffer for multiple reasons - lack of nutrition, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, inappropriate products, and, surprisingly, shampoo and conditioning technique. All will be taken care of after a detailed consultation.


Due to overexposure to the sun or pregnancy, one may suffer from a skin condition called melasma, where brown patches appear on your skin, making it look undesirable. It should be treated as soon as possible to avoid permanent skin deterioration.

Acne Treatment

Pimples should not break your confidence and self-belief. With the proper diagnosis of the root cause of your acne and pimples, they can be treated appropriately. We assist you in finding what works for your pores and skin and do complete research on your pimples before starting treatment.

Open Pores and Acne Scars Treatment

Nothing may be as irritating as seeing the annoying pimple scars each time you look in the mirror. Any over-the-counter gel, lotion, or cream fails to yield desired results. Treating your acne scars with the right combination of products is the perfect way to help you minimize your scars permanently.

Pigmentation Treatment

Uneven skin tone, patchy skin, tanning, and hyperpigmentation can be treated using natural products. Approaching a skincare expert for the proper treatment protocol can keep you away from frustration and experiment with home remedies for pigmentation.

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff could be dry or oily, flaky or scaly, but you need to take care of it as it may cause itchiness, irritation, and fungal infection. This could even lead to acne problems that worsen your skin's condition.

Daily Skin Care Regime

A daily skincare regime is essential for everyone; no matter your skin type or age, you need to follow this regime to keep your skin healthy and glowing from within.

Glowing Skin Care Regime

If you suffer from dull, dry, damaged skin, fine lines, or wrinkles, regeneration treatment helps you rediscover your beautiful glowing skin.

Pre Bridal Skin Care

Brides need to take care of their skin and hair to look and feel more beautiful on their wedding day; starting the bridal care three months prior will enhance their beautiful look.

Soft and Shiny Hair Treatment

Who doesn't desire soft, shiny, and manageable hair? Appropriate products are suggested as per the hair type.

Anti-Frizz Treatment

Dryness, lack of moisture, and the inability to hold moisture in your hair lead to dehydration, split ends, and frizziness resulting in lifeless and dull locks.

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Our holistic approach to the consultation

Our holistic approach to the consultation

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