Welcome to the world of toxin-free beauty and soak in the elegance of nature. 

Every morning is a chance to" Start your toxin-free beauty regime." 

At PUREBIT, we are working towards serving society with the best products with all-natural ingredients.

Our motto is healing everyone with natural beauty products, and healing is excellent when followed by aromatherapy.

Using essential oils in a perfect balance makes our products work like miracles. Essential oils work best for skin and hair care products and are a great way to recharge, boost your immune system, and support healing.


Since 2018 our company has been working towards making natural, sustainable, and chemical-free skin and hair products infused with essential oils. From making just a few products to manufacturing at a large scale, we have grown with many beautiful experiences.

We initiated by making just a few products for our near and dear ones. Today we serve around 9-10K clients. We have international clients binding with us. We are fortunate to achieve an 80% satisfaction rate from our clients. We thrive for client satisfaction.


We were recognized at ISOC 2022 on December 4th with an award for our excellent business expansion.


At PUREBIT, we have standards for natural, fresh and pure formulations. We strongly believe that beauty products made from natural plant extracts are the best ingredients to enhance our beauty. Natural ingredients in our products balance its beneficial properties very well, which in turn becomes our daily FOOD FOR SKIN that is a must to nurture our skin externally.

Simran R Panjabi


Journey of PUREBIT

PUREBIT did not just happen overnight, it took years of knowledge gathered from various sources, different experiences, trials and errors, a lot of make and break, difficulties, hurdles, obstacles and a lot lot more! We are still growing and strengthening our roots.

It all started with a small idea of giving it a TRY. This was a TRY for my deep passion, my eagerness and desire to help countless people suffering from various types of skin and hair issues. Such major issues that reduce their confidence, lower their self esteem, bring them down to zero and leave them into a vicious circle of depression in extreme cases. Yes! This might sound over exaggerating, but I am talking about this from my personal experience.

It was around a decade back when I saw a young and aspiring college girl to just give up on her studies, to give up on her dreams and desires to fly high just because she felt low on her looks and her external beauty. These days it’s more about external beauty, inner beauty comes later. A bitter fact of life. I was quite disheartened and wanted to help her anyhow. That is when the journey of PUREBIT began.

My first interaction with her was just a friendly one and my next meetings with her turned out to be more of knowing each other and gaining her confidence. To my surprise, I could feel the pain she was going through. She had severe acne which was easily visible on her face, but what wasn’t visible were the scars that left a deep mark on her soul. At such a budding age she was living an aimless life without any goals for the future. She was at the peak of her career but she did not want to see beyond her acne prone and uneven skin tone. She stopped going out as she was scared of those staring eyes and was slowly sinking into a deep, dark hole of zero self confidence. That touched me and I felt so sorry for her. I wanted to help her before she slipped into depression. It took time, but she started sharing how she felt about her skin, about the judgmental society around her, her depressing home environment and no social and family life. That is when I promised myself that I will help her no matter how much time and effort it takes for me to heal her facial skin and her scarred soul. My consultation sessions and my handmade products did the magic.

With my knowledge and experience of working on several combinations of creams and essential oils, I formulated a skin care regime for her. We all know Aromatherapy works wonders and voila! It helped her immensely. Her skin started healing, getting better day by day and my efforts and knowledge finally showed the results. Slowly and steadily she gained her lost confidence and simultaneously I gained the confidence in my knowledge about the healing powers of natural products and essential oils. I even helped some of my close ones who were suffering from skin and hair issues. Everyone was so happy with my formulations. I got inspired and this is when I thought about reaching out to countless people suffering from similar issues. Finally in 2018, with relentless efforts, hard-work and strong determination, I formed a company named PUREBIT. I gave my dreams the wings to fly high and fulfil my deep desire of creating a brand with 100% natural products that offer results beyond expectations. Finally, I became better known as a skin and hair care expert, which was yet another milestone. PUREBIT- A brand that speaks for itself!.

Responsible Beauty

Treating animals in the right way is the moral responsibility of every citizen.

At PUREBIT, no animals are harmed for the products manufacturing, nor even the testing of the product.

Discover Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is derived from 2 words -

Aroma means fragrance or smell, and Therapy means treatment.

Thus the products made using aroma oils are result oriented.

Since ancient times, aromatherapy or essential oils have helped promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy is also known as necessary oil therapy. 

Pure Essential Oils are used in aromatherapy to restore the body's equilibrium, enhance mental and physical health, and provide lovely effects when applied topically with a suitable carrier. 

Essential oils are aroma compounds extracted from a plant's various parts, such as seeds, wood, roots, leaves, fruits, peels, and flowers. 

"Aromatherapy is controlled use of essential oils for physical, emotional health and well-being."
 By Valeria Cooksley

Glowing skin with Essence of Nature

At PUREBIT, we use essential oils with antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties to fuel our products.

The skin can be revitalized and renewed by essential oils, which also have the power to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, maintain skin moisture to aid in skin repair, reduce wrinkles, and protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution, skin infections, and skin conditions. They can also treat a variety of skin conditions.

Crowning Glory:

Healthy skin and lustrous hair are not an overnight process. You need to take care of it regularly with the right products. 

As the saying goes