Premium Rose Water for your Skin by PUREBIT

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Acne Skin , Dry Skin , Oily skin


Lavendar oil , Rose Oil

PUREBIT's natural Rose Water (with essential oils) is the perfect toner for your skin, and it helps maintain the ideal 5.5 pH level of your skin by balancing out the excess oil in your face. 

It contains skin-replenishing ingredients that help treat acne and keep your skin nourished and blemish-free at the same time.

PUREBIT's Premium Rose Water will enhance your skin in the following ways:

Balances natural oils to give you hydrated skin:

Moisturization is key to youthful, glowing skin and Rose Water acts as a natural hydrator. Rose Water instantly hydrates the skin, giving it a refreshing boost.

Maintains healthy skin:

The antioxidant-rich Premium Rose Water, which has been used since the seventh century for various uses, gives your skin essential nutrients.

Prevents your skin from getting loose:

Premium Rose Water firms and tones the skin giving it a smooth and firm appearance. Additionally, it lessens wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Maintains an even skin tone:

Rose Water gives the skin a rejuvenated appearance and a healthy natural shine by hydrating, reviving, and moisturizing, thus even the skin tone.

Firming your skin:

Premium Rose Water's toning abilities can temporarily tighten the appearance of your skin, giving you a firm and youthful appearance.

Removes impurities and restores nutrients to keep healthy skin tone:

Premium Rose Water moisturizes and clears the skin for a healthy appearance. Because of its relaxing properties, this rose toner is also excellent for sensitive skin.

Guidelines for Use:

Step 1: Wash your face with PUREBIT's Cleansing Lotion (a non-foaming face wash). 

Step 2: Directly use a few spritzes of Premium Rose Water on your face, dab it and let it get absorbed. 

Step 3: Follow it up with PUREBIT's Aloe Kesar Gel.

When should I use it?

For best results, use twice daily. Morning and Night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rose Water suitable as a toner?

Yes, rose water aids in enhancing the glow of the skin. The essential oils will revitalize your skin in PUREBIT's Premium Rose Water.

Does Rose Water work well on oily skin?

Essential oils added to PUREBIT's Premium Rose Water help enhance skin while also assisting in removing extra oil and debris. Its unique formulation enables you to improve the appearance of your skin.

How do I use Rose Water?

Directly use a few spritzes of Premium Rose Water on your face, dab it and let it get absorbed.

What are the advantages of using rose water on the face?

Alcohol-free Premium Rose Water contains only natural elements that give your skin a healthy glow. It balances the pH level of the skin and prepares it for moisturizer. Include Premium Rose Water in your morning and evening routines to get extra benefits.

Can we regularly use Rose Water for skin care?
You can use PUREBIT's Premium Rose Water daily in your skincare routine.
Will Rose Water work for my teenage daughter?
Your daughter can, indeed. Since hormonal changes in adolescence lead to oiliness and acne, toning is essential to your skincare routine.

2 reviews for Premium Rose Water for your Skin by PUREBIT

  1. Shweta C (verified owner)

    I have been using quality brands of rose water but what results I got from PUREBIT’s Premium Rose Water is a miracle. I realised the market gives us plain rose water but your rose water with Aroma essential oils is refreshing.

  2. Risha T (verified owner)

    Thanks a ton PUREBIT. PUREBIT’s Premium Rose Water is just amazing. It helped me to soothe sunburn which was unbelievable. It’s natural refreshing fragrance with essential oils added makes you fall in love with the product.

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(2 customer reviews)

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